CMO Services for Startups

At Hockeystiq, I am on a mission to bring high-impact marketing leadership to the world’s best tech startups.

My strategize/experiment/sprint approach helps founders reach growth targets despite limits on time and budget. Building a revenue pipeline is crucial to the future success of any startup and Hockeystiq’s CMO Services focus on just that challenge. CMO Services include weekly meetings, go-to-market strategy development, and real-time marketing ops oversight.

​Here are the key areas where I provide support:

  1. Objectives & Key Results​. Quantitative ‘Objectives’ and ‘Key Results’ track effectiveness, while keeping teams and individuals accountable.
  2. Budgets​. Budgets define and allocate available resources and are necessary for planning, forecasting, and goal-setting.
  3. Positioning​. Effective brand positioning attracts the right customers by elevating an organization’s mission, values, unique selling points, and value proposition.
  4. Customer Targeting. Defining target customers and individual buyer personas is a necessary component of cost-effective customer acquisition.
  5. Sprints + Experiments​. Time-bound marketing sprints, comprised of lean experiments, provide data-driven insights that reduce risk and increase ROI.
  6. Go-to-Market​. An effective go-to-market strategy combines all of the above to help startups build bigger pipelines, generate more revenue, and reduce customers acquisition costs.

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